Filmmaker David Kennedy: Born to a CBS executive in New York, David is a veteran of wildlife films and a member of the New York Explorer’s Club. Kennedy honed his skills in Los Angeles working alongside producer Michael Nesmith. He has fifteen years of experience in film and media, recent work includes working with multi-Emmy winning filmmaker Alison Argo, editing her film Parrot Confidential for PBS’s Nature series and her new film The Last Pig that premiered at Full Frame Film Festival 2017.

Worked as producer and lead editor of Huntwatch – a feature-length documentary on the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)’s forty year campaign to end the commercial seal hunt in Canada, which many consider the birth of the animal welfare movement. Huntwatch aired on Discovery and was nominated for Best Editing at Wildscreen Festival 2016 in Bristol UK.

He worked as a senior producer, cameraman and editor at IFAW for six years, where his work included developing popular PSAs for international markets, creating an award-winning short film on a dog project in Johannesburg townships, “People of Dogs,” and filming multinational INTERPOL wildlife trafficking enforcement operations across Africa. Kennedy also raised tens of thousands of dollars to investigate tiger conservation efforts in Bhutan and Northern India.

Kennedy formed Corodale Productions in 2004. A media company that creates short-form content for the Internet, TV and radio, Corodale’s clients include Procter & Gamble, Mars, WGBH TV, and PRI for Marketplace.

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